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How Does Fizmon Analytics work?

Fizmon Analytics technology works through a series of steps. It is delivering a state-of-the-art, yet lightweight device installation and scalable in-venue analytics solution.


Fizmon integrates various types of physical and digital data resources. Fizmon collects data from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth signals emitted by smartphones and perform video analytics for measuring visitors behaviour accurately.


Fizmon Analytics Engine is designed to organize, analyze, and visualize massive volumes of diverse physical area data. It measures how visitors flow through your space, how long they stay and how often they return. This step is where Fizmon turns the raw numbers into valuable insights.


Produced insights are then presented in simple, yet powerful dashboards for you in real-time to use. The visualized data consists of essential insights enabling you to discover and implement changes to improve the customer experience and commercial performance in your venue.


Fizmon Analytics enables you to obtain metrics as accurate, real time data on customer retention, repeat visits and in-venue / store loyalty. You gather information about who your customer are, how many people enter your venue and how they behave in your venue. In this way, you can optimize your venue layouts, fixtures, staffing, and even product / service / event offerings based on what you’ve learned.

Heat Maps Of
Your Venue

Fizmon is aiming to become a complete solution for your venue and digitalize your indoor maps, making it available on any internet connected device. When your venue maps meet with Fizmon Analytics engine, heat maps are being created for overall analysis of your place.

It enables you to know dense paths, dwell times, crowd behaviour and mostly visited areas. It is possible to see changes in your crowd visiting behaviours in time when you change layouts, add new products or within different events.

Which information can be gathered with Fizmon Analytics?

All the data in the world is meaningless unless it can be properly analyzed and turned into clear and actionable insights. With Fizmon Analytics, it is easy to measure followings;

  • Foot traffic throughout the venue
  • Conversion rates of foot traffic from outside door traffic to actual visits
  • Repeating visitors and loyalty
  • Marketing effectiveness and ROI
  • Visitor duration times and engagement
  • In-store sales conversions and driver
  • Path analysis
  • Chain and individual store performance


Decide quickly staffing levels and personnel to match peak and slow visit periods. Besides, Fizmon Analytics enables you to gather insights of your staff activity during the day. It provides you answer for a simple and yet important question as "Who's doing what and for how long." This module is an easy-to-use, cloud-based monitoring service allowing employers of on-site to monitor for improving performance and work-place control.


Fizmon Analytics Sensor is a powerful suite for measuring visitors behaviour analytics. It allows to detect any device which works with WiFi or Bluetooth interfaces. These devices can be detected without the need of being connected to an specific Access Point, it is enough that these devices enter into the coverage area of Fizmon Analytics Sensor. The users of these devices are not required to install any specific mobile application or opt-in to a service. The device is able to capture people presence in a certain point at a specific time. The combination of Fizmon Analytics engine and the captured data from sensor provides below information;

  • Traffic counting and conversion rates
  • Visitor engagement
  • Number of people passing daily in a street
  • Walking routes of people
  • Collect data anonymously
  • Learn event performance
  • Average time that has been spent in venue
  • Know the rate of your loyal customers / visitors


Fizmon Analytics is a solution for venues, that are seeking for a better performance. In order to analyze productivity and take actions according to that, we offer the most effective way of analysing to following industries.

  • Airport

  • Exhibition

  • Grocery

  • Hotel

  • Museum

  • Office

  • Shopping

  • Hospital

  • Stadium


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