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Custom Mobile App for
Expo 2016 Linked to Fizmon Cloud Panel

As Fizmon, we developed a custom mobile app for Expo 2016 Antalya based on theme of Expo and its branding factors within unique designs. Although all elements of mobile application is designed specifically according to Expo requirements, the app yet has been benefited from all sophisticated features of Fizmon platform including Fizmon cloud based management platform. Fizmon cloud based CMS includes all possible requirements for managing diversified needs of such large, complex venue’s mobile system.

Expo 2016 Antalya
Crowd & Staff

Expo mobile app is source of data that can provide real-time status of people and location of your key staff. Fizmon CMS panel Analytics module is being backed by these raw data has been collected from Expo app users anonymously with high privacy standards.

Fizmon’s analytics engine converts the collected data into actionable insights showing visitors behaviour and patterns. These behaviour analysis includes interest to particular areas and events, paths of visitors, repeating visits, duration of visits, number of visitors depending on weather conditions and many more. Expo management understands which type of events attract more visitors and organize their further events accordingly.

Furthermore, Expo is able to organize staffing optimization with Fizmon Analytics. They can now decide staffing according to peak and low times. Besides, crowd management is also a core module that is provided within Fizmon Analytics.