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Does Fizmon provide a custom mobile app with my brand logo?

Yes. Fizmon develops custom mobile app with your branding and logo with Fizmon features.

I guess, I don’t need all these features for my venue app, can I pick the ones only that I need ?

Yes. Fizmon is all modular. You can choose which modules that match with your venue mobile application needs. We also analyze your needs and offer you the best combination.

I have seen indoor navigation module. Which technology is being used? Do you require any hardware?

We use our own algorithms to perform best indoor positioning with minimum device requirement. The bluetooth low energy beacons are being used for indoor navigation module.

Do I need to find another company for mapping of my venue? I don’t have indoor maps.

No, Fizmon is a turnkey solution. We provide mapping service of your venue. The only requirements is CAD files. Afterwards, we convert them into location aware digitalize maps.

Who does the installation of beacon devices?

Fizmon does the site survey and installation work of the beacon devices according to requirements. If you ask for indoor navigation module, the process takes longer time and effort than beacon installation for location based content delivering

I have some other needs and I couldn’t see it in your modules. Can we add new features that I would like to see in my app?

It is possible, we are developing our solutions according to your custom needs and add them into your custom branded mobile app.

I already have beacons in my venue. Can you use existing ones?

It depends on the modules that you ask for your Fizmon powered new mobile app. Navigation and Analytics modules may require new beacons, however we can use existing ones for location based content delivering and some other modules.

Does Fizmon support and develop both for IOS and Android platforms?

Yes. We are compatible with both platforms and develop native apps.

Is your SDK ready?

We are working on it. It will be released in mid of 2016.

Can I use Fizmon Analytics service only for my venue? Do I need Fizmon app?

Fizmon Analytics can be purchased and used separately. It is not a must to have both Analytics and Fizmon mobile app.. You don’t need to have Fizmon powered mobile app to use Fizmon Analytics. Please drop a line to us to learn more.