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Transform your office into a digital workspace

Fizmon platform makes your workspace smarter, efficient and employee friendly. It provides smart office space for your smart employees. It enables your workplace to go mobile and interact with your people. In order to deliver more value from your existing office space, start to digitalize your place today with Fizmon platform.


Indoor Navigation:
Turn By Turn Directions

Provide turn by turn navigation with directions in your facility.Let your visitors enjoy the experience of reaching point of interests with mobile navigation feature in your venue...

Visually Impaired

Fizmon beacon triggered voice contents are well designed for visually impaired people navigation in your venue. Give the opportunity of free movement to people with visual disability in your venue...

Point me:
Real Time Positioning

Activate “Point me” feature in your map and let your visitor know where they are exactly in your venue...


Listen the visitors of your venue and gather the most essential inputs to make it a better place with Mobile Survey feature. It is the easiest way to learn what people think about your venue...


Crowds have to be carefully managed and analyzed. Fizmon Analytics features and heat maps let you know how your visitors move in your venue as real-time. Fizmon can track real time location of your employees...


People need to order things or book a place in your venue anytime. Whether it is meeting room in your office building or a la carte restaurant in a resort hotel, you can easily let your venue app users..


Check in process may take time and cause bad first opinion from the moment that your guest visit your facility. Especially, if you operate a hotel, your guests expect to get in their rooms asap to save their valuable time...

Track Your

Fizmon Analytics enables you to gather insights of your staff activity during the day. It provides you answer for a simple and yet important question as "Who's doing what and for how long."...

Guests Activity Feed:
Venue Social Media

We live in a social time with social people around us. Sharing moments from personal perspectives is the rising trend of today’s generations and it knows no bounds, it is everywhere...

All in One

Bring the advantages of mobility phenomenon to your venue and create the ultimate engagement with your venue and people.

  • IOS & Android Native Apps (App Maker)

    Fizmon develops brand new IOS & Android apps with custom designs and features for your specific needs. While you may benefit all Fizmon existing features, you may define your custom requests.

  • Fizmon Features

    Fizmon system includes all necessary features that can create the future of mobile venue. It is the easiest to implement and most powerful platform ever. The Fizmon platform is the one stop shop for enhancing the value of your venue.

  • Custom Pages

    Your custom requests are also welcome. Our world class talented engineers will develop your custom needs that fits and solves your problems. These custom features will be added to your Fizmon platform.

  • Manage via Cloud

    The overall system and mobile apps are manageable via Fizmon cloud based CMS system. You can create campaigns, beacon messages, announcements or new point of interest from web based Fizmon software. It ensures great flexibility with dynamic approach.

  • Network Deployment

    Fizmon deployed more than 5000 beacons so far and have unmatchable experience in different conditions and environments. Fizmon advanced deployment app makes the process much easier and painless for both parties.

  • SDK

    Recreate your existing mobile app with the power of Fizmon. Get one or all of the features such as Indoor Navigation, Point Me, Location Based Content Sharing and give your visitors the app they've been looking for.


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